Justice Malala has provided political trend forecasts to various South African and international fund managers, businesses and non-governmental organisations.

After 20 years in political journalism, Malala has built up a vast array of contacts in government, political parties and various sectors of society. This has provided him with significant insights into policy formulation and its trajectory through the SA legislative and parliamentary process.

Malala has tracked mining, land, financial services and various other pieces of legislation as they have moved from proposals in the governing ANC through to Parliament and signature by the president.

In his bespoke forecasts Malala offers scenarios and probabilities about policy trajectory through the legislative process and, crucially, its impact on businesses.

He offers these services:

  • Bespoke political reports and updates: Specialised political analysis and forecasts based on client needs.
  • Presentations and scenarios: Briefings to boards and management teams.
  • Client briefings: Extensive experience in briefing foreign and domestic investors on the unfolding political landscape, risk and opportunities.

Contact Justice Malala for examples of some of the work he has done.

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